Title Requisition Number Category Location
Account Mgr 4201 Operations Support Midland, Texas US
Area Director 4298 Operations Support Buckhannon, West Virginia US
Area Director - Fluid Management Services (Management over Fluid/Water hauling yards required) 4163 Fluid Management Services Midland, Texas US
BOP-Tools Tech 4220 Fishing and Rental Services Odessa, Texas US
BOP-Tools Tech 4287 Fishing and Rental Services Snyder, Texas US
CDL A Driver 4252 Fluid Management Services Snyder, Texas US
CDL A Driver 4251 Fluid Management Services Stanton, Texas US
Cement Specialist 4116 Cementing & Abandonment Odessa, Texas US
Derrickhand 4200 Rig Services Odessa, Texas US
Derrickhand 4222 Rig Services Winnsboro, Texas US
Derrickhand 4211 Rig Services Williston, North Dakota US
Derrickhand 4261 Rig Services Farmington, New Mexico US
Derrickhand 4284 Rig Services Dickinson, North Dakota US
Derrickhand 4301 Rig Services Crane, Texas US
Derrickhand-C 4244 Rig Services Odessa, Texas US
The search returned no results matching the selected criteria.


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